Our Favorite Bouquets From 2018

Every bride has a bouquet and they're all beautiful, but there are always a few that stand out from the bunch. Your bouquet is an accessory to your dress so why not make it special. With that in mind, we put together our top 10 bouquets to show you the most beautiful, most trendy and most bold.



1. Bouquet number one is one of the trendiest bouquets of 2018. It hits all the main points. This year, lush greenery has been a big hit, and this bouquet has it! Plus, the blush tone + white flowers are another trend all in themselves. Ladies are loving white and blush tone flowers at their weddings because they are gorgeous of course, but they aren't too loud. So the white and blush mixed in with the greenery is a must have. Also, this bouquet has a few succulents. Now, succulents are the trendiest part of this since white and blush tone roses are always popular and so is greenery. Succulents are a little more bold and beautiful and they just aren't the norm. Adding the trendy succulents to this already trendy bouquet makes it one of our absolute favorites. 

2. Another very trendy bouquet. Again with the greenery and the blush flowers keeps it trendy but she also makes it her own by adding the pop of pink. Love this bouquet because it's clean and beautiful but also playful. 

Photography:  By Julieta   Florals:  The Main Event Cabo   Venue:  Sheraton Grand

3. This bouquet falls into the same trendy category as the other greenery + white blooms, however this one has a different flare to it. Not only does it have a pop of color with the pink flower, the pink flower is a pretty cool looking one at that. They are called Protea, often times known as Sugarbushes. I love these ones because they are so beautiful before and after they've fully bloomed! In this bouquet they look like they haven't finished blooming which adds a super cool flare to it. 

Photography:  Ana and Jerome   Florals:  Cabo Floral Studio   Venue:  Esperanza

Photography: Ana and Jerome

Florals: Cabo Floral Studio

Venue: Esperanza


4. We are on board with the greenery + blush tone trend but we like the added beauty on this one.  The beautiful chiffon ribbon that is wrapped around the base is to die for. It raises the bar and feels very elegant. 

Photography:  Pink Palm    Florals:  Florenta   Venue:  Villa Turquesa

Photography: Pink Palm 

Florals: Florenta

Venue: Villa Turquesa

5. I'm excited about this lovely lady's bouquet It's so different and so cool! This one reminds me of summer and a tropical beach somewhere, so naturally it's perfect for a beach wedding.

Photography:  Mario Tijerina  &  Red Carpet Films   Florals:  Florenta   Venue:  Cabo Del Sol

6. We got another different trend coming at'ya.  I am living for Catio's flower. It's not a bouquet, it's just a flower. Bold, elegant, simple, yet gorgeous. This King Protea is breathtaking and all you need. 

Photography:  Melissa Gayle

Photography: Melissa Gayle

Florals: DIY by Bride & Groom

Florals: DIY by Bride & Groom

Venue: Pachamama 

Venue: Pachamama 

7. If you want a bigger, more extravagant bouquet here it is. A King Protea + tons of other beautiful blooms and greenery, and you have yourself the most marvelous bouquet that you'll want on your table every day. We love vivid colors so this one will probably always be one of our favorites. 

8. These next few bouquets are all color, including this one. We're still loving it because of how vibrant and vivid it is! With a mix of pinks and reds, this bold bouquet really stands out against a white dress in the best way. It has greenery mixed in and some eclectic, uncommon blooms. We love bold and vivid with a unique flare like this one. 

Photography:  Dino Gomez   Florals:  Cabo Floral Studio   Venue:  Hacienda Cocina

Photography: Dino Gomez

Florals: Cabo Floral Studio

Venue: Hacienda Cocina


9. Pretty in pink! Having a colorful bouquet is awesome but if you aren't a bright color person, maybe light pink is the way to go for you. Just add some succulents and tons of shades of pink and you have a bouquet  that still has depth and texture with out being too loud. 

10. Last but not least, a waterfall bouquet. I wish more people chose this style because waterfall bouquets are so stunning, yet pretty big and definitely not simple. They are statement pieces whether they're colorful. muted, or white. This beautiful bride definitely wanted her flowers to be a statement and they were a beautiful one. 

Gabriela Cobian