Elopement vs. Big Wedding

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Let me start off by saying we are so excited about our sister company Meant Two Be Cabo! If you don't know, we started this sister company geared towards elopements, small weddings & celebrations. For some time now we have been getting lots of people asking about elopements and such, so since we saw the need we answered your requests. 

Today's post is all about helping you decide whether you want to elope or have a lavish destination wedding! Either way, we got you.

First, an elopement or a big wedding can be as special as you make it! Neither is more special than the other and they're as romantic or as fun as you want. It's all up to you and your hunny. 

One of the things we hear most when people are hyming and hawing on which type of wedding to have is, "what will our families think if we elope and don't invite them?" Of course, the answer is different for everyone, but one misconception about elopements is that you can't have any guests which is simply not true.

The rule of thumb is to keep the number of guests anywhere below 12 at an elopement. That way it's stays super intimate, but it can still be a really fun celebration, especially for a destination wedding. Or, you can keep it as a traditional elopement where the only guests are the necessary witnesses, which has its own romantic flare to it! But, if you do want your parents, your siblings and your best mate there, they can be! When you start inviting your favorite old boss or you distant cousin you haven't spoken too in 3 years, that's where you start to veer towards a large wedding. 

So, the first thing to think about in deciding on your big wedding or a quaint elopement, is how many people do you want with you and your partner on your special day? If your answer is anything 12 people and under an elopement is your best bet, if you have about 30 people that really matter, Meant Two Be Cabo is also your friend and any number of guests over 35, head to Vivid Occasion's contact page. 

Of course the number of guests is not the only thing you think about when you're deciding what kind of wedding to have, so we'll share with you some pros  to eloping and to large weddings. Hopefully this helps you resonate with one style of wedding more than the other! 

Pros of a Large Destination Wedding:

  • You can show your style as a couple. Being able to pick what city, town, or country you want to get married in really allows you and your love to show some of your own style and adventure with your loved ones. 

  • It will limit the guest list a bit. Traveling is a big commitment which can be a good excuse to cut down on the number of invitees without hurting too many feelings. 

  • Built in vacation! One of our favorite reasons is that you and all your guests get to have a long weekend vacation built in, surrounding the big day. How fun is it to have a vacation with all your best friends and closest family all hanging out and celebrating together? Hint Hint: from what our bride and grooms say, it's pretty amazing. 

  • They're a once in a lifetime family reunion of sorts. More than just having a vacation built in, sometimes destination weddings can become such a cool family reunion too. If you have family that like to travel,  live all over the states, or the world, it's hard to bring everyone together very often. So, having a destination wedding where you invite all your family, can be an adventurous and fun way to catch up. 


Photography:  Ana and Jerome   Venue:  Flora Farms    Florals:  Let It Bloom

Photography: Ana and Jerome

Venue: Flora Farms

Florals: Let It Bloom


 Pros of Destination Eloping: 

Financial. Weddings are pricy and the costs can get out of hand quickly. Keeping it small and simple really cuts down on costs, but doesn't take away from the romance. 

Less family drama (mostly). Unfortunately, weddings can lead to family drama of different kinds, big or small but elopements tend to have less. Usually. With elopements the only family drama you have to worry about is upsetting family you don't invite. Otherwise, your elopement is all yours and you don't have to do anything because someone else wants you to.  

Focusing on each other. With less people around you have less people to please. Elopements can be more intimate and romantic whether it's just you two and your witnesses or you two + 10 guests, either way it's small! You're able have quality time with everyone and each other!

Can be as casual or lavish as you like. It's all about you and your fiancé's wants, from the location down to the attire. You don't have to worry about pleasing anyone other than each other. 

Location Location Location. Being able to chose your location anywhere in the world is a big factor in eloping. Maybe your friends and family aren't travelers, but you are! If you want, you can even elope and honeymoon all in the same place! It's ALL up to you. 






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