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Create a Cabo destination experience you and your guests won't want to leave! Our wedding planning and coordination services turn your vague ideas for your wedding in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo into an extraordinary destination experience your guests will wish could last longer.

We work with laid-back couples who want an easy wedding planning process, yet an extraordinary, somewhat magical, wedding weekend experience.

Read on to discover how our wedding planning process has our clients looking so relaxed without a care in the world on their wedding day.



A lot of planners may kick things off by asking you what colors you like and, while that certainly matters, we realize that there is something WAY more important to discuss on Day 1:

What do you want your wedding experience to be like?

  • What will guests say about your wedding 10 years from now?

  • What will their experience be like when they arrive?

  • How do you want to feel from the moment you wake up on your wedding day until the last guest heads back to their room?

  • How do you want to spend your time that day?

    What aspects really matter to you - the music, the atmosphere, the design, the food? There is a lot more consideration that goes into planning your wedding than just how pretty is (although we love that part too!). It all starts with YOU - what YOU want as a couple and what you value.

Gaby…was the only one who answered the phone and took the time to ask us all about our ideas and vision. Even though we explained to each wedding planner that this is a same sex wedding, Vivid Occasions was the only planner who customized the paperwork for two grooms. Believe it or not, everyone else still wanted to know information about the bride. It was a little nerve wracking to trust someone we never met with one of the biggest events of our lives and yet our connection with Gaby and her team was instantaneous. We knew from our conversations that they “got” us, our style and our vision.
— Robert & Jeff


The wedding site you choose, the resort your guests stay at and the suppliers who make your wedding day come together, will determine exactly how you and your guests feel about your wedding day.

From the way the food tastes to how comfortable the room was during dinner, every tiny little detail can impact the success of your event.

That’s why we only recommend vendors and venues that ensure it’s the most fabulous event you’ll ever host!


We’ve learned some hard lessons and this is just one of many similar stories. We once had a couple bring in a rookie DJ they found online that we had never experienced first hand before - because he was cheap.

That night, he:

  • Played the wrong first dance song (yeesh!)

  • Fumbled over mispronounced names

  • Played music that left the dance floor completely empty

It. was. painful. to. watch.

From that day on, we vowed to never let our clients compromise on quality again. That’s not to say that the suppliers we recommend are the most expensive, it’s to say that they are of the finest quality and they won’t let you down.

Here are the top 3 reasons you’ll love selecting vendors with us:

  1. We will consider critical ‘experience factors’ that even you might not think of or be able to determine - such as whether the hotel your guests stay at has really good on-site restaurants and how long they’ll have to wait when checking in

  2. We only connect you with vendors that match your personality and style (hand selected for you) so you’re on the same page.

  3. We have already experience each vendor’s work first-hand and KNOW they can deliver the best! They are top notch, reliable and responsive.



Together, we’ll turn your random Pinterest board inspiration into a tangible wedding design plan that will express your style and mesmerize your guests.

Imagine walking into a real life manifestation of all the wedding details you’ve been pining over at your ceremony and reception - the colors, flowers, fabrics, patterns, lights, music and attire suddenly become real.

One minute it’s a just a fancy dream on your computer screen, the next it’s the ambiance that sets the tone for your vow exchange, first dance and party.

Here’s how our design process works:

  1. Mood Board: Together we’ll collaborate on creating an inspiration board that represents your style, taste, personality, story and vision.

  2. Design Proposal: Using my skills as a stylist, I’ll bring in photos, sketches and other assets to visualize the overall floral design and decor plan to bring your ideas to fruition.

  3. Tablescape Mockup: We’ll actually pull together a physical mockup of what you’re table decor and set up will look like so you can see a preview before your big day! Not many planners are willing to take the time and effort to execute this step, but we do!

Vivid Occasions are absolutely the best in the business and we can’t emphasize enough how amazing they all are. Our wedding weekend was hijacked by Tropical Storm Lidia which absolutely devastated Cabo and shut down the airport for 2 days. Vendors had no power, the venue had flooding, and thanks to Gaby, Stefany, and Emmanuel you would have had absolutely no idea. They worked hard to make our day perfect even though they had flooding and issues at their own homes. Even when we insisted that they spend more time at home making sure things were in order, they spent their time working for us. We are forever indebted to them for how amazing they were!
— Josie & David


With your wedding vision, design plan, vendor team and timeline in hand, we will work tirelessly to flawlessly execute your wedding weekend in a way that allows you to relax and enjoy your time in Cabo right alongside your guests.

Leading up to your weekend, we’ll put all the pieces in place to ensure the venue is prepared for your guests arrival, the florist and rentals are ready and the vendors are all on the same page.

Then, on your wedding day, your Wedding Coordinator will be there to follow through on every detail, working closely with vendors and ensuring guests are taken care of.



While your wedding day is certainly the pinnacle of your trip to Los Cabos, it goes by fast and we know you want to get as much quality time with your guests on your shared vacation as possible.

That’s why we also help you plan other events around your wedding day to maximize your time together and create an extraordinary experience for you and your guests.

Whether it’s a welcome cocktail during guest arrivals, a warm rehearsal dinner for the wedding party or a farewell brunch, we’ll help you plan the perfect gatherings for your guest list.

If you are looking for a wedding planner, look no further. You don’t get a planner, you get a whole team of amazing, genuine people, who really want to make your event special! Gaby, Emmanuel, and the whole Vivid Occasions Team are TOP notch!!…Hands down they delivered in every aspect and I know that we would not have had the wedding we did without them. Their approach to the planning made an OCD bride (like myself) feel organized, understood, and I always knew they were a quick call or email away. The level of attention they provide each wedding is out of this world. We hosted a Welcome Dinner…Emmanuel guided us through the streets and stuck with us the WHOLE night. He made sure every single person made it back to the bus on time and no one was left behind…To Gaby, Emmanuel and the whole Vivid Occasions staff, we are indebted to you for all of the stress you relieved, the memories you helped to create, and a day we will never forget.
— Christa & Patrick


We would LOVE to have the honor of transforming your Cabo dream into a destination wedding experience that goes down as the best wedding your guests have ever attended.

Due to the exceptional amount of attention and care we give to each client, we only take on a limited number of weddings each year and book up rather quickly. Please don’t wait to inquire, so we can ensure your date is still available.