A Few Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning...

Photography:  Ana & Jerome   Venue:  Flora Farms   Florals:  Florenta

Photography: Ana & Jerome

Venue: Flora Farms

Florals: Florenta

Whether you plan a wedding on your own or with a planner there will be things that surprise you in good ways and bad. If you’re just getting started or haven’t started planning anything yet, here are a few things to keep in mind. These are some things that every couple goes through while planning a wedding!

It will be all you talk about

You’re getting Married! It's so exciting! One of the big days of your lives is on the horizon! Whether or not you realize it, you’re probably talking about the wedding non stop. Which is totally expected, but try to keep in mind that your friends and family do have other things going on! They love you and they’re excited too, but they don’t care about the details the way you and your fiancé do.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Pictures are one of the most important parts of the wedding! There are so many styles of wedding photography, so make sure you do your research to find the right fit for you and your fiancé!

There will be tears - including happy

Weddings are all fun and games until someone is upset. There will be tons of tears, but of all kinds. At some point you’ll find yourself crying over something you can’t incorporate in your budget or about the food, but then again you’ll be crying happy tears when you find the perfect venue & when you have all your friends and family together in one place celebrating you!

Your fiancé will care about things that surprise you

There may be little details or traditions that your fiancé loves, that you had no clue about, and that’s okay! Even if you have a wedding planner, you’ll learn a lot about each other during the planning process.

Your fiancé wont care about things that surprise you

Just the opposite of the point I made before. There will be things your fiancé does not care about that will surprise you, good or bad. Both of you will get excited about different aspects & details of the wedding and that is okay! To each their own.

Everyone will have an opinion

Family, friends, your co workers, even strangers at the coffee shop. Everyone will have an opinion they just have to share with you at some point. Just try to politely remind them that it’s your big day and that you are doing it however you + your fiancé choose.

Dance lessons aren’t mandatory

Only if you want too! Your first dance does not have to be some elaborate show with crazy dance moves. If you want elaborate and crazy moves go ahead, but don’t feel like your guests will be upset if you have a normal, on the spot dance.

The best way to budget is cut the guest list

Especially when having a destination wedding! There are a ton of ways to budget, but sometimes you will lose your favorite decor items and so forth, so the best way is to cut down on the guest list. Feeding fewer people will really save you.

Enjoy your fittings

Since you don’t get to wear your dress often, really enjoy it when you do! During your fittings, also take the opportunity to try out different hair & makeup styles so you can get an idea of what you want for your H&MU stylist.

We all have a little bridezilla within

Bride or groom, everyone has a little bridezilla in them at some point. It’s expected and thats okay. Since it’s hard to realize your own bridezilla moments, prep someone close to you that can help you out if and when this happens.

Photography:  Pink Palm    Venue:  Resort at Pedregal

Photography: Pink Palm

Venue: Resort at Pedregal