8 Great Wedding Favor Ideas to Thank Those Who Shared Your Big Day with You


Just like ‘Goodies Bags’ for attendees at a kid’s birthday party, wedding favors have become an essential little token of your Big Day to share as a reminder for your loved ones attending the event.  However, with a destination wedding it is important to keep the wedding favors as simple and convenient as possible, both for the wedding party to lug it to the destination wedding and for the attendees to happily take it back with them.  Here are 10 great ideas for Wedding Favors that are both trendy and convenient in 2016:

Lavender Bath Salt:
Luxurious bath wares are on the upswing as a wedding favor in 2016. The bonus with scented bath salts is that they can be assembled and packed months before the big day without fear.

With the natural, pastoral and organic craze continuing in wedding themes, local honey with the hint of local floral bouquet and a boutique packing seems not only the healthy and wholesome choice, but a very convenient option as well for a wedding favor, both for the couple and for the guests.

Tea Cups With Tea
Tea and tea wares have always been in vogue.  Not only a tea cup with your favorite bag of tea are invaluable as a wedding favor, they are a gift that can be used both as an everyday thing that your guest continue to cherish both as a reminder and as a favorite piece of china to use.

Customized Christmas Ornament:
Getting hitched around the holidays?  Incorporate the festive occasion of joy in your happy event and send your guest home with a customized ornament that they can hang on the tree when they get back home as your wedding favor and use it over and over again to remember your big day.  These ornaments can both be custom ordered or be easily created by the couple themselves as the labor of love for their happy occasion.

Coffee Beans:
Coffee is no longer your life saver every morning.  It has become a sophisticated drink like liquors and wine and they hold tastings of the morning brew. Just like wine connoisseurs, you’ll find plenty that appreciate coffee well beyond something that wakes you up every morning and they will recognize that effort when you pack a tiny box with a custom label reminding of your big day to it.  Buy it in bulk and pack it away well before your big day to thank those who shared it.

Apple Butter:
With destination wedding occurring the year round, a jar of apple butter would make a terrific wedding favor for the guests.  With a variety of uses from using it on your toasts and muffins to mixing it into your morning oatmeal, apple butter of heritage apples with its signature tangy taste would make quite a splash as a wedding favor.

Local Liquor:
This may be going a bit far but many couples are taking on DIY distilling tasks together to make their big day special.   You can too by brewing up a batch of your favorite local liquor.  Tiny bottles of bulk bought liquor that you and your spouse prefer is a great way to send a message, “We’re in it together”

The great thing about soap is that it offers endless personalization possibilities in terms of scent, colors, packaging, and bulk buy or DIY (Try it before you buy it). Take a look at this cool packaging with a mixture of natural yet original for a nature-themed wedding.

Gabriela Cobian