A Few Things All Bridesmaids Should Know

Photography:  Chío García   Venue:  The Cape

Photography: Chío García

Venue: The Cape

Hi ladies, this one is for the bridesmaids! You’re probably really excited to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor at your besties upcoming wedding. Keep in mind, being one of the bridesmaids brings some responsibility. There are some serious and some super fun things you might need to help out with. Everything from planning the bachelorette party to making sure your bride has a drink in hand during the reception!

We put together a little list of some duties you might have and obviously depending on your bride, maybe more or less. This is just a small list of the most common bridesmaid responsibilities.

First things first ladies, get along with the other bridesmaids! Just remember that all of you are there because you love and support your bride to be.

Pre Wedding:  

Help Plan Bachelorette Party! This is the fun part and most likely the maid of honor will be in charge of this but it doesn’t all have to be on her. Usually what ends up happening is all the bridesmaids and the bride discuss different ideas and such, but the bridesmaids & maid of honor take on most of the planning.

Attend All The Pre-Wedding Events. If there’s an engagement party, bachelorette party and or a rehearsal dinner, you as a bridesmaid should try to attend each event. They’re all part of the wedding festivities.

Help The Bride Pick Her Dress. This is also a super fun pre wedding event. As a bridesmaid or maid of honor you will most likely be asked to help the bride pick her dress.  It can be a very fun, yet stressful day, so make the most of it with your bride to be and have some mimosas while you’re at it! 

Get Your Dress (ON TIME). This is a big one for all the bridesmaids. Since the bride is going to be super busy, be sure to get your dress and your shoes on time! Plus, getting your dress and having it fitted on time will give you some piece of mind.

Help With Wedding Planning. If the bride needs help planning the wedding, lend her a helping hand.

Photography:  Ron Alan Cruz   Venue:  Grand Solmar  

Photography: Ron Alan Cruz

Venue: Grand Solmar 

Wedding Day:

Have Extra Shoes on Hand. As wedding planners we see this a lot! Depending on where the ceremony is compared to the reception you might need to bring extra shoes for yourself and your bride. If you’re in the same hotel it’s not really something to worry about as long as you can go get the spare shoes really quick and get back to the party

Have a Little Emergency Kit (Lots of Saftey Pins). Hotel room to your clutch. One bridesmaid should have some safety pins, double sided tape, bobby pins and maybe a tampon or two on hand just incase the bride or another bridesmaid need help ASAP.

Bustle the Dress. The bride might delegate someone to do this because sometimes it’s not super easy depending on the dress. As a bridesmaid, just be ready to help bustle the dress when the time comes.

DANCE! This one is easy! Dance at the reception and have a good time with your bride.

Have Your Speech Ready. If you’re giving a speech, the bride will tell you ahead of time, to be sure you can write it and rehearse it enough. To the brides, make sure you tell your maid of honor, or sister or whomever ahead of time so they can properly prepare!

Make sure your bride always has a drink in hand! Whether it’s some champagne, a cocktail or some water, help a girl out so she can keep on celebrating. On the other hand, you also want to help make sure she remembers her wedding night. 

After Wedding:  

In Charge Of Gifts. Usually the bride and groom delegate one friend to help with gifts because it can be a lot! So we suggest if that’s you, make sure to gather up all the gifts before the reception is over. Whether you’re hanging onto them until the bride & groom get back from their honeymoon or just for the night, be sure you gather all the gifts and cards.

Photography:  Dino Gomez   Venue:  Flora Farms

Photography: Dino Gomez

Venue: Flora Farms

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