How to Choose the Right Photographer

Since a picture is worth a thousand words and photos last a lifetime, you want to make sure you do your research when choosing your wedding photographer. 

You probably have an idea in mind for how you want your wedding to be remembered, don't you?

The first step in finding the perfect fitting photographer is to think of how you want your wedding to be remembered and captured. Therefor, try and find photographers near you that have the same aesthetic. Unless you're having a destination wedding, in that case just try and find some in your venue city or a photographer that will travel. I add this because with all things social media, we have had brides choose photographers they haven't met in person but found on instagram, that have been wonderful!

After you find a bunch of photographers that have the style you're looking for, and that are in your in the right destination, it's time to narrow it down by 'stalking' all of their websites and social media pages for reviews and comments. See what other brides are saying about them! Is this photographer being tagged in lots and lots of brides photos, or are people leaving not so lovely comments?

The next step is kind of like the previous, but since it's incredibly important, it gets it's own section. 

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look at the photographers full wedding albums from previous weddings. We cannot stress this enough. The reason being is because looking at instagram or facebook only shows a couple highlights of each  wedding, but you need to see more to make sure they're actually capturing tons of moments! Look at their websites to see what you can dig through, because a good photographer will have a nice gallery on their page.

How does all the photographers work look from a critic's standpoint? You need to be a harsh critic!  So when you're looking at their photo albums make sure that their photos meet your criteria.  Are the images sharp? Are they framed nicely? Did the photographer capture the bride & groom locking eyes during the first look?...etc. Depending on your 'must haves', critic the photographers accordingly to see if they meet your bullet points.

Next, talk to the photographers. Set up phone interviews if they live elsewhere, or go have a drink with your potential photographer in person if you can! See if their personality goes hand-in-hand with yours! If you feel comfortable around them, you're more likely to take better photos!

After you’ve found a few photographers you like from style to personality it’s time to compare prices. You’re not trying to break the bank so it’s very important to compare packages and go from there. 

Trying to find a photographer can be really fun, but you have to be realistic! Hopefully, using our little tips will help you find the perfect photographer! 

Happy searching!  

Gabriela CobianComment