Addressing Wedding Invites

Photography:  Sarah Mack   Venue:  The Cape    Florals:  Florenta

Photography: Sarah Mack

Venue: The Cape 

Florals: Florenta

Addressing wedding invites can be sort of confusing, especially with an outer envelope & an inner envelope! It seems easy at first, but there are some people you won't know how to address properly.

You probably have all sorts of guests coming too; married, single, straight, gay and everything in between. So we decided to lay it out for you in an easy go-to guide. 

Married Couple

On the outer envelope:

Mr. Jason and Mrs. Ashley Bartner  Or  Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bartner

On the inner envelope: 

Jason and Ashley

Married Couple with Different Last Names

There is a specific way to do this one. Start with the name of the person you're closest with unless you're equally close with both people, then just go with alphabetical order.

On the outer envelope:

Mr. Jake Brown and Mrs. Amanda Jones

On the inner envelope: 

Mr. Brown and Mrs. Jones Or Jake and Amanda

Unmarried Couple Living Together

The way you address couples like this is a little different and chances are it's how you'll address most of your guests. 

On the outer envelope:

Mr. Michael Phillips

Ms. Lisa Dahl 

On the inner envelope: 

Mr. Phillips

Ms. Dahl 


Michael & Lisa 

Same Sex Couples

Contrary to what some may think, you actually address any same sex couple as you would any other. If they're married, married with different last names or unmarried. Look at the examples above. 

Children & Families

With families, if you're inviting the kids you need to be clear that you add all of the kids' names or the family might assume a certain kid isn't invited. Also, the children's names are only written on the inner envelope. The outer envelope is just the parents names. Also note that if they have a daughter under 18, be sure to address her as "Miss..." 

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Lewis
Stephen, John, Miss Bailey and Miss Maddison

Single Adults 

On the outer envelope:

Ms. Audrey Baker


Mr. Jack Baker

On the inner envelope:

Ms. Baker


Mr. Baker



Photography:  D. Lillian   Venue:  Grand Fiesta Americana
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