What color should the groom and his men wear to a beach wedding?

Destination beach weddings typically have a very airy and clean vibe to them, whether or not you’re getting married on the beach or just near the beach.
The main colors we see guys wear and the ones we suggest are…

 A sandy color:



Photographer: Walter Wilson Studios
Venue: Pueblo Bonito Sunset

Any shade of blue:

Photographer: Anna Gomes Photo 
Venue: The Cape Hotel

Photographer: Mario Tijerina & Red Carpet Films
Venue: Cabo Del Sol

Or shades of grey:

Photographer: Susy Alacá
Venue: Hacienda Cocina
Florals: Cabo Floral Studio

Photographer: D. Lillian Photography 
Venue: Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos
Florals: Del Cabo Weddings

These three colors seem to be the most popular by far because they can be dressed up to be more formal if that’s what the bride is going for, or they can be more casual. At a destination wedding, a suit isn’t necessary! Though, since it is a destination wedding to a beach or a near beach venue, it’s totally acceptable for the guys to wear trousers with a light, airy shirt and maybe a blazer. Plus, linen is absolutely acceptable, even recommended. 

Also, so many colors go with the three we mentioned. So if the groom and his men are more neutral, their suit or blazer won’t clash with the color scheme and the theme of the wedding. 

However, if you are really wanting your groom to wear a black tux go ahead! It always looks so classy! We just recommend that you have an evening wedding in the cooler months so your man isn’t sweating on the beach wearing a three piece black suit at 3 pm.

Photographer: Sara Richardson
Venue:  Cabo Del Sol

Photographer: Sara Mack
Venue: The Cape Hotel

Gabriela Cobian