Our favorite trends of 2018

As everyone knows each year big wedding magazines and blogs come out with their own lists of the top wedding trends of the year. While being fairly similar there are some differences and some of the trends really stand out, especially for a vivid occasions destination wedding!

Here are some of our favorite trends this year.

1.      Choosing a Vibe Over a Color Palette

     This one stands out to us because the feeling of the wedding is what everyone is going for over color scheme. The color scheme can easily follow once you know what style and vibe you want your wedding to have. How you want your guests to feel and the mood you want to set is important.


Photography: Mario Tijerina & Red Carpet Films 
Florals: Florenta

2.  Statement seating chart displays

      We love this trend since it’s a creative one! This trend really allows the bride’s creativity and vibe shine through. Seating charts can be difficult and mundane, so why not spice them up and have some fun making it pretty!

Photography: Pink Palm

3.   Arches instead of Alters

      We hope this trend stays because it is absolutely gorgeous. We have a lot of fun coming up with pretty alters decorated with fabric, florals or both. But full circle arches are unique and new so there are far more opportunities to be creative with these.


Venue: Villa Vista Ballena Cabo Del Sol
Photography: Josafat De la Toba    
Florals & Decor: Main Event Cabo

4.  Unique cultural food & Creative Deserts

      Being a destination wedding planning service, this one is one of our favorite trends that we have been on top of for years! When we plan a wedding here in Mexico we love it when the bride and groom want to incorporate some part of Mexico into their wedding, like a mariachi band or flavorful cultural food! The creative desert table is a good one too as the cake seems to be getting too traditional. Having doughnuts or cupcakes for desert is really taking off!

     Venue: The Cape Hotel                                                                                                                            Venue: Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach 
     Photography: Ana and Jerome                                                                                                               Photography: Walter Wilson Studios

5.   Focus on the After Party

      Another one of our favorites! Having a destination wedding is big since so many friends and family members make it out for the celebration, so why not focus on celebrating your love with them!


Venue: Cabo Del Sol
Photography: Mario Tijerina & Red Carpet Films
Florals: Florenta

6.  Quirky Desert Tables

      This one goes back to the creative deserts. With creative desert ideas like doughnuts, cookies or cupcakes you want a fun, quirky way to display then so people want to eat the delicious treats!


Venue: Wirikuta 
Photography: Ken Tan Photo 
Design, Styling & Florals: Florenta
Decor: Let It Be Events, Curated Rentals Cabo, Del Cabo Event Design, Baja Boutique 
Treats & Favors: Citlalmina
Prints: Bells and Whistles Cabo

7.   Creative Invitations

      Invitations are beautiful and you want them to be eye-catching to match whatever vibe you have for your exciting destination wedding so why not innovate your invite and send them something a little eclectic like on fabric or stone!

Credits: Pinterest                                                                                                                                                Venue: The Cape Hotel       
                                                                                                                                                                                Photography: Sarah Mack   
                                                                                                                                                                                Florals: Florenta

8.   Plant Aisle Decor

      Aisles can be empty! We love when we get to decorate the aisle with plants, whether they’re potted or hanging!

Venue: The Cape Hotel  
Photography: Ana and Jerome
Florals: Vivid Occasions

9.  Black Accents  

     This one might seem a little intimidating or odd for a destination wedding in Cabo, but we love that its unique. Dress designers are really taking off with this idea of black accents. Black is timeless and can be very chic if done right.

10.  Copper

  Copper chairs, copper candle holders, copper silverware. It’s all the rage and it really can make a table look even more charming and whimsical.

              Venue: Wirikuta                                                                                                                                       Credits: Pinterest 
              Photography: Ken Tan Photo
              Design, Styling & Florals: Florenta  
              Decor: Let It Be Events, Curated Rentals CaboDel Cabo Event DesignBaja Boutique 
              Treats & Favors: Citlalmina 
              Prints: Bells and Whistles Cabo

11.   Small Wedding Parties

      This can be a good trend for destination weddings. Sometimes trying to get your whole family and all your friends to come to a destination wedding is hard. But a big trend this year is to cut the guest list which makes travel even easier!

12.   Translucent Elements    

       This trend is a big one this year! Every wedding blog or magazine talks about this! From translucent tents and clear tables to see through vases and place cards.

Venue: Mar Adentro 
Photography: Em Weddings
Florals: Florenta

13.      Vivid Florals

       We love this trend! Bold, bright and vivid flowers are our favorite as you can probably tell by our name. Bright fun flowers can make an entire wedding vibe and bring it all together to make it cohesive and beautiful.


                  Photography: Pink Palm                   
Florals: Cabo Floral Studio

    Photography: Josfat De La Toba  
Florals: Main Event Cabo

                 Photography: Walter Wilson Studios             
Florals: Florenta

Photography: Susy Photography  
Florals: Mazarte Florals

Gabriela Cobian