To Have Welcome Bags or Not To Have Welcome Bags

Welcome welcome. It’s Monday again ladies, and you know what that means, another blog post!

Today’s post is all about whether or not to have welcome bags for your destination wedding.

Believe it or not, a lot of our brides go back and forth on this! Choosing to have welcome goodie bags or not is a bit of a hard decision.

We put together a little list for welcome bags and against them for you in hopes to help you decide a little easier.

To Have Welcome Bags:

  • Your guests will be absolutely delighted. They traveled all this way for your wedding and they get a little gift, how sweet!

  • Also, if you put in a little thank you note with the goodies, it makes the welcome bag even more thoughtful.

  • If you add a Mexico flare to it, even better. It gives your guests a little taste of Mexico!

  • It’s a nice touch to personalize it somehow. There are some inexpensive yet amazing ways to do so and it’s cute memorabilia for the wedding weekend experience.


To Not Have Welcome Bags:

  • They’re an extra expense for sure. Good welcome bags cost a little.

  • It can be hard to decide who gets them. Whether it’s just bridesmaids & groomsmen, just family, or 1 per couple. Or if you choose to give a welcome bag to every guest, it can be a lot.

  • You have to pack them in your luggage on the way to the wedding destination.


Some Ideas for What to Include:

  1. Cute Schedule of Wedding Weekend Events /Map of the area

  2. Tequila!

  3. Personalized something

  4. Sunblock

  5. Something that is a favorite of yours & your fiancé’s - snack wise usually

  6. Thank you note

Gabriela Cobian