How To Pick Between a Band, DJ, or Musician

It’s not a wedding without music and it sure isn’t a reception without music!

You probably know certain songs you have to have at your wedding, but do you know how you want them played?

A live musician on the guitar or violin playing instrumental songs, a DJ who has your playlist, or a full band that can do all the covers you like.

You can have a mixture as well! A guitarist for your ceremony & a live band or DJ at your reception.

So, how do you choose?

Let’s think.

For a Live Musician - Guitarist or Violinist Etc.

We love when our couples have acoustic music. For walking down the aisle & the cocktail hour this is one of our favorites. It always sounds so lovely and romantic to have a live musician playing soft melodies on the guitar or violin. If you’re going for this type of vibe, a relaxed live musician is a great way to set the tone and not be overpowering.

For a DJ

Do you like to dance and listen to loud music & party it up all to your favorite tunes on Spotify? If so, this is the one for you. If you hire a DJ for the ceremony, you can pick whatever song & version you like for walking down the aisle. When you have a DJ for your ceremony, the song options are pretty limitless. Let alone having a DJ for your reception. At the reception, a DJ really makes it feel like a party, like a real celebration. The DJ can play all the songs off your wedding playlist on Spotify, whether they’re rap, country, pop or anything else, and blend them nicely so it sounds like you’re at your own personal club.

For a Full Band

This option is also pretty amazing. The dream is to have a full band and it’s pretty attainable here. The live band options Cabo has are fantastic and they can sing all the covers you like. The song options are a little more limited here than with a DJ but the quality is great! There’s something about having a live band that really feels special and makes your wedding feel like your at a private concert.

Photography:  Ana & Jerome   Venue:  The Cape   Band:  Kilometro

Photography: Ana & Jerome

Venue: The Cape

Band: Kilometro

Also, keep in mind that you can do a mixture of two options or you could just have a DJ the whole time if you prefer. Any way you chose, your wedding will have beautiful music to your liking & your reception will feel like a celebration!

Photography:  By Julieta   Venu:  Sheraton Grand   Music:  DJ Adan Mijares

Photography: By Julieta

Venu: Sheraton Grand

Music: DJ Adan Mijares

Gabriela Cobian