Top 5 Wedding Bouquets

We love the creative process that goes into designing every single one of our weddings. It’s always a fun exercise to take a look at our couples’ boards, to discuss their ideas with them in order to develop the concept and to make their vision come to life. There are two things that I enjoy the most: designing the bridal bouquet and the putting together of the table-scape.  Talking to florists about the color scheme, the floral selection, and envisioning the shape and texture of it is so appealing to us that we invest a lot of time into it. We’re deeply grateful to our colleagues, the florists for working with us and bearing with the promiscuity of ideas that emerge, and of course in helping our inspirations become real.

Here’s a collection of our top 5 bouquets in the last few months and the reason why we love them so much.


Pretty in Red:

Although this was an all-white affair, the bride wanted a dramatic twist in the color scheme.  So, we thought what better way to do this than with the bridal bouquet?  Because the wedding dress had a lot of intricate lace work, we went with a cheerful bouquet of crimson anemones for their clean lines, their minimalist look, and a bold red hue to make a statement. We loved the last minute improvised touch of ivory coconut palm flower as a filler look.

Flowers by Cabo Floral Studio

Photo by Daniel Jireh


Whimsical beauty:

This bride is one of the happiest persons we have ever met. So laid back and always laughing. She wanted a romantic look for all of her flowers with a coral and mint green palette. The best way to honor her happiness was to create a bouquet with a balance in colors. Corals and pale peach were the base with a few accents of pink that we softened by adding ivories. Creating a soft palette like this would only be possible with blooms like Dave Austin roses and peonies, a few ranunculi and spray roses. We loved the last minute improvised touch of ivory coconut palm flower as a filler look.  

Flowers by Florenta

Photo by Ana and Jerome


Love for classics:

For this wedding the bride wanted to have a classic bouquet that’s not too serious and fussy. Since she loved black callas, we suggested adding touches of white callas and greenery to make it a bit more warm, modern, yet timeless. Since I seldom see such bouquets I couldn’t help but notice the dramatic look black mini callas add to an arrangement. We just loved that look!

Flowers by Ileana LaMadrid

Photo by Mario Tijerina


Wild n’ Free:

One of the reason why this particular couple selected an organic farm for their wedding was due to the natural beauty that surrounded it. All the fields at this farm are covered with wild flowers and we had decided to incorporate the landscape in our wedding design. I have to admit that designing this bouquet was hard because I had a very clear idea in mind but I was having a hard time expressing it to the florist how I wanted it. We picked a wide variety of flowers and in different colors. Each flower had to be different in order to create a lot of texture in the wedding design and pallete. Basically the idea was to make this bouquet look like fresh cut flowers from the field. We used the long trailing ribbons and deep red amaranth to blend in with the rich surroundings which gave the bouquet design an elegant touch as an added bonus.

Flowers by The Main Event Cabo

Photo by Ana and Jerome


Chasing the sun:

When we asked the bride what she envisioned for her wedding, she told us that the reason she chose Cabo for her destination wedding was for its gorgeous sunsets and the desert. Needless to say, her statement made it a little easier for us to design her wedding. To suggest an all-orange bouquet may deem overbearing or risky, but subtle natural hues brings it all together. For this one the floral selection was the key. With the ranunculi that are so beautiful and romantic, add the bold exaggeration of the chrysanthemum to make a great match. Adding the succulents was our way to merge the dessert into the sunset.  The raffia hand tied stems were the perfect touch to make it look slightly rustic.

Flowers by Mazarte

Photo by Susy Alcala

To all the brides out there:  The reason behind putting in this much work in the design of a bride’s bouquet is because your bouquet is one of the most essential and cherished accessory needed to complete your look. Your bouquet should never overpower you or your dress, but rather complement them.  So, never skimp on it and more importantly never underestimate the impact of a well-designed bridal bouquet on your event and its memories. It will show up in almost every picture and will always remind you of how stunning you looked on your big day.

Much love and happy planning,

Gaby Cobian

Founder and Senior Event Consultant