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Hi, we’re Gaby and Emmanuel. We are a 2-person wedding planning and coordinator team that’s absolutely in love with weddings. We live for great design, thrive on organization and get butterflies when we see couples and guests having a blast during their wedding weekend. We were made for this!




One of the challenges for couples getting married at a destination location is that most of the wedding services available are completely cookie-cutter and totally unoriginal. The vendors are mostly preselected and the decor plan is simply recycled from one wedding to the next. Blah :(

Not. with. us. We don’t do weddings-in-a-box, we do weddings-from-scratch.

We really spend the time up front getting to know our clients and asking critical questions to understand what they want and what they value. We don’t even consider what worked for our last client - we start fresh with you.

For instance, we put more attention into which vendor is actually a match for you, your personality and your tastes; we don’t rely on the same vendors for every client.

In the end, you’ll wind up with a wedding that is a true reflection of your style, your story and the experience you really want to create during your wedding weekend.


During your entire wedding weekend, everything will just...flow. Even though we will be working hard behind the scenes, for you it will just feel effortless and relaxing.

We’re so on top of our game, setting everything up right from the beginning, that vendors and venues pretty much pray that we’ll be the coordinating team for every wedding (seriously, just ask them) because it’s far less stressful for them when we are involved.

Plus, we work so well with others and treat them with respect, so they are happy for us to be there and that will come through in the way they take care of you and your guests as well. It makes the whole process very enjoyable for everyone involved.


One of the greatest benefits of having two of us on your team is that you know you’ll always be supported. One of us will always be available to assist you or respond to your questions.

Yet, we’re a small enough team that our mission and our clients aren’t lost on us. Because we’re a boutique planning company, we are grounded and stay very close to our clients, so you’ll never feel like a number.



A little obsessed with organization, hopelessly in love with great design and committed to connecting you with the highest quality vendors in Cabo, I am your lead planner and stylist. I’ll be there from day one to champion your vision and bring it to life. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and that shows in the planning process, but at the same time, I am laid back and love to have fun!

Here are a few fun things to know about me:

  • I am a first-class foodie - I love everything that has to do with food. I regularly crave seafood and tacos (but, then again, who doesn’t crave tacos)

  • I am an animal lover and dote on my dogs like they’re my kids

  • I love being on the beach - it’s not something I just like, it’s something I need

  • If you find me on the beach (you will), I’ll be playing Sudoku and drinking tequila

  • Travel is just part of my DNA, even if it’s only a 2 hour trip from where I live. I like to discover new places, try the local cuisine, explore the local market, visit museums and check out the vibe at a local bar.


I’ll be the head guy in charge on your wedding day, but in an easy-going way that makes everyone happy about it. I know how to politely get people on board with your plan and make things happen to create a smooth day for you. And I’ll do it in my own laid-back way that makes it feel like I’m just a really helpful friend for a day.

I've been a control freak and planner since an early age, as a kid I would ask my aunts, uncles and parents for money to organize a Christmas party for me and my cousins, same goes for any occasion. Growing up I was obviously involved in organizing school events and my very own house parties during high school and college, which to be honest were always lit!

Here are a few personal things about me:

  • Love everything Disney related, have a huge obsession with Mickey, but Donald Duck is my second love

  • Love dressing up, I've dressed up for Halloween ( which is also my Birthday) practically my entire life. My first costume, mariachi band member

  • Sweetest tooth ever! Can't say no to anything sweet. Even better if it includes dulce de leche and of course churros! I've earned a churro lover reputation over the years

  • Love to make people laugh

  • Love musicals and have always dreamed of starring in one. Every story has a soundtrack, but it's more exciting if you can sing it! (I can't sing btw )

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